Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tuesdays purchases

On my way into town on Tuesday i decided to nip into Debenhams and have a look at the Benefit counter,after much trying products etc i couldn't find anyone on the counter to help me,i started to get rather frustrated and had to ask a nice lady from the Chanel counter,she informed me that the lady from the benefit counter was At the dentist.
This is the 2nd time i have been in debenhams to two different counters and there has been nobody there,how frustrating and not very good on debenhams part :(

Anyway i then nipped into Lush (of corse) which is right next door,i was tempted to buy their new royal wedding bath bomb but although it smelt lovely and i love the idea of the little hearts etc i was put off by the glitter and opted for the sweetie pie shower jelly instead, it smells GORGEOUS!

Primark have some fab shoes at the moment and after trying on umpteen pairs i opted for these lovely grey broiderie anglaise pumps for a mere £6

I had a quick look around the car boot sale (its rude not to lol) and picked up a bargain all saints cardie for £1.50 and sheer red herring snake print top with thin belt for £1.50

On my way back i nipped into river island and picked up their booklet so i can lust over the pictures (hoping that will satisfy my urge to purchase something from there).

all saints cardie

red herring sheer snake print top


invisible_squirrel said...

oh i need that all saints cardi!

Debbie_DooDaa said...

All Saints for £1.50!? Again, I'm very jealous of your bargain hunting skills! :P

Meowcake said...

Ah! That All Saints cardigan is lovely!