Saturday, 16 April 2011

River Island 75% off sale

Received an email this morning from River Island,they re having a  75% off sale,half the half price.
Last time they had one of these i bagged some great bargains.
I perused online and seen a few gems,but i am going to refrain as i am going car booting at the weekend and am sure i will find a bargain or too whilst i am there.

I don't trust myself to look instore because i know i wont be able to help myself from purchasing something so best not to face temptation :)
grey lace up wedges
was £84.99 now £20
grey boots was £36.99 now £7.50
i love this top
was £29.99 now £7.50
peter pan dress
was £24.99 now £5
brown print frame bag
was £29.99 now £7.50

ruffle coat
was £79.99 now £15
the list could go on and on...

but one thing i don't like is this...

nooooooooo what is it? lol :P


pinklittlebean said...

I shouldn't have read this post! Hehe. The temptation was too great and I bought a pair of ankle boots for £7.50!! :-O Thank you for pointing it out x

invisible_squirrel said...

That last top looks like an alien is falling out of the front!

and only 7 days til the end of lent and I can shop again! haha x

Hannah. said...

The first wedges are so gorgeous! I want/need/must have them in my life!!! xxx

Would you like to enter my giveaway? :) xxx

Debbie_DooDaa said...

Lol, I actually looked at the sale online today, came across that last weird dress and thought exactly the same as you!! I'm just very curious to know if ANYONE at all bought it! Good luck with your bootsale-ing.. I'm hoping that my other half will get up early enough for us to go tomorrow too! Fingers crossed! x