Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lush rock star soap review

Ive had this for ages and have used this quite a few times.
It comes in quite a big wedge size and smells lovely and sweet, lathers up really well and leaves your skin feeling softly.
If you are unsure of which soap of the many soaps lush has to offer,you cant go far wrong starting with this one.

Rock star soap
£3.09 - 100g

Blog post of the week

This weeks blog post of the week goes to Which way to wonderland.
I have just discovered her blog but have enjoyed reading her posts over the past week especially the one about the royal wedding and also the helpful perfume post complete with prices.
great blog!

Friday, 29 April 2011

My top 5 indulgences

I thought i would make a little list of my top 5 indulgences.They consist of the little but my most enjoyable things beside my family and health...

1.  Lush bubble baths
I love,love,love these,so relaxing and the aromas are so calming for mind and body!

2. Cafe Nero chai latte
I love the sweet cinnamon taste and drinking one of these instantly chills me out and makes me go mmmmmmm

3.Shopping (of corse)
Be it at a car boot sale finding bargains,a high street store or charity shop,shopping and especially finding a bargain is guaranteed to relax me and make me happy (that must be what they mean by retail therapy)

4. Reflexology
Giving and receiving a treatment is always so relaxing

Nothing better than being engrossed in a good book

Do you enjoy any of these?

what are your top 5 indulgences?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tuesdays purchases

On my way into town on Tuesday i decided to nip into Debenhams and have a look at the Benefit counter,after much trying products etc i couldn't find anyone on the counter to help me,i started to get rather frustrated and had to ask a nice lady from the Chanel counter,she informed me that the lady from the benefit counter was At the dentist.
This is the 2nd time i have been in debenhams to two different counters and there has been nobody there,how frustrating and not very good on debenhams part :(

Anyway i then nipped into Lush (of corse) which is right next door,i was tempted to buy their new royal wedding bath bomb but although it smelt lovely and i love the idea of the little hearts etc i was put off by the glitter and opted for the sweetie pie shower jelly instead, it smells GORGEOUS!

Primark have some fab shoes at the moment and after trying on umpteen pairs i opted for these lovely grey broiderie anglaise pumps for a mere £6

I had a quick look around the car boot sale (its rude not to lol) and picked up a bargain all saints cardie for £1.50 and sheer red herring snake print top with thin belt for £1.50

On my way back i nipped into river island and picked up their booklet so i can lust over the pictures (hoping that will satisfy my urge to purchase something from there).

all saints cardie

red herring sheer snake print top

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lush the comforter bubble bar review

I bought the comforter last week from lush and although its £3.99 it is very large so i decided to only use half of it as i was sure that would be ample. I crumbled it under the running tap and instantly was hit with a blackcurrenty violet aroma which was delicious.
It lathered up really really well,so much so i think a full bar would be too much (i would disappear under the bubbles lol).It also turned the water a slight light purple shade.
The bubbles were still there after a 30/45min soak which in my book is great and they left your skin feeling pampered and soft to the touch.
I would definitely recommend the comforter to anyone :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter sunday boot sale bargains

I went to blackpool car boot sale on Easter sunday,it was a lovely day and the car boot sale was massive but quantity was definatly not quality with the majority of the stalls just old tatt.
I did however come away with a few little bargains...

Red playsuit 50p

spotty jumpsuit 50p

Ghost night perfume full £1
benefit do it daily moisturiser 50p
new dior cleansing gelee 80p

not a massive haul but bargains galore all the same!

what did you do on easter sunday? :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Serious River Island lust list

I browsed River Island very quickly today but left quickly before i bought everything,especially these beauty's...

beige fabric mix bangles

They all look sooo much better in the flesh,I need all these in my life!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Blog post of the week

This weeks blog post of the week goes to Adrienne Adores, i have been following her blog for a while now.
I always really enjoy reading her posts and she holds the most amazing and generous giveaways.
I made my first blog sale purchase of a Barry m dusky mauve nail polish from her blog this week and when it came it was wrapped in tissue paper with a little bow,sequins and some sweeties,it is by far the prettiest packaging I've seen and was a lovely touch.
I love the nail polish and will be reviewing it at a later date,
thanks Adrienne :)

Pink nails

I wanted to show you a pic of my nails after applying nails inc pink Warwick Avenue nail polish followed by diamond shine topcoat by sally hansen.
4days on now and still looking god,no chipping etc and i have been cleaning,swimming etc and no chips either.
great colour and look for spring/summer

Friday, 22 April 2011

More bootsale bargains

On Tuesday i went to the local bootsale and picked up only a few little items,although i spent next to nothing i was really happy with my purchases...

knitted bow headband- wanted one of these for ages- 20p
nivea body sun kissed skin lotion-50p
new Avon nail polish- 20p
New opi nude polish- 20p
garnier under eye roller- 20p
superdrug Shea nut lip balm- 20p

I passed River Island on the way back through town and i tried i really did but couldn't resist a look at the 75% off sale and picked up this gorgeous nude coloured sheer cropped top with open back detail costing £7.50 half the £15 price tag, love it!

Add caption

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lush the comforter

I was on my way to the local bootsale on tuesday but as usual the waft coming from Lush was to inviting to resist,so i nipped in for just a look (i always tell myself that).
I had read in another blog about the comforter bubble bar (will review at a later date), so decided to try it for myself, i also asked for samples of flying fox.
I am finding it difficult to choose new items that i can try but begrudge paying the p&p prices to order retro items online,i am dying to try the marzibain but cannot justify the p&p charges when i only live down the road from the doesnt seem worth it.
If anybody has the marzibain then please let me know :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Gold chrome nails

I picked up a bottle of sally Hansen chrome gold polish for a bargain £1.50,here i have tried it out and topped it off with the sally Hansen diamond shine topcoat £3.75 inc p&p from eBay.

I have started to take more care of my nails at the moment and as a result, not only do they look much better,they are also growing longer and stronger than they usually do :)

what do you think?

sorry about quality of the picture and please ignore the index fingernail,it snapped on car door :s

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Lush Candy fluff egg review

I bought this a few weeks ago and tried it last night,i dropped the bath bomb into the water and it fizzed quite quickly leaving the water a dark shade of pink but smelling scrumptious.
It smells like snow fairy with a hint of violet in there too.

I loved the smell but apart from that there was nothing special about this product,i am trying to buy lush items that make bubbles etc rather than just going for them for the smell,somehow with some lush products i feel like i am getting more value for money when there are loads of bubbles or you can get more than 1 use out of it.

have you tried lush's Easter collection?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Boot sale bargains

I must say my little boot sale jaunt on Sunday was very fruitful,i turned up nice and early because the early bird catches the bargain lol,
the weather was delightful and it was jam packed with the traders (which i avoid) and the people who are just having a clear out (my favourite).
you can spot a inexperienced carbooter a mile off,they get all in a muddle when you ask the prices or on the other end of the scale they try to charge extortionate prices.

this is what i picked up...

River Island leopard print patent bag

River Island gladiators

New Topshop ruffle flats

floral pumps

tie dye leggings,floral ruffle top and miss selfridge vest
all 50p

what do you think,have you picked up any recent car boot bargains?

I love car boot season,roll on next week :)

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Blog post of the week

This weeks blog post of the week goes to I <3 That
I picked this blog because although i have only just started following i really enjoy reading it so be sure to check her blog out!

by the way i had a fab day today at the car boot sale,post to come later hehe :P

Saturday, 16 April 2011

River Island 75% off sale

Received an email this morning from River Island,they re having a  75% off sale,half the half price.
Last time they had one of these i bagged some great bargains.
I perused online and seen a few gems,but i am going to refrain as i am going car booting at the weekend and am sure i will find a bargain or too whilst i am there.

I don't trust myself to look instore because i know i wont be able to help myself from purchasing something so best not to face temptation :)
grey lace up wedges
was £84.99 now £20
grey boots was £36.99 now £7.50
i love this top
was £29.99 now £7.50
peter pan dress
was £24.99 now £5
brown print frame bag
was £29.99 now £7.50

ruffle coat
was £79.99 now £15
the list could go on and on...

but one thing i don't like is this...

nooooooooo what is it? lol :P

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blog sales wanted

I love blog sales but by the time i get to look the best stuff has always gone.
 I am eager to try benefit, lush & mac items so if anybody knows or has a good blog sale ill be more than happy to take a look,thanks :)

p.s please take a look at my Blog Sale where i have slashed the prices to get rid of stuff i no longer need.

Boot sale bargains

I nipped to the local car boot sale today and picked up a few little bargains...

New Sally Hansen gold chrome  polish £1.50
cant wait to try this

Topshop military coat same as this £2

Fcuk skinny jeans £1

lush candy fluff egg £2.95

I had to nip into lush and see what they had in their Easter collection and came away with this 'lush candy fluff egg', it smells gorgeous!

On the way home i picked up my yummy free treat egg from thorntons as featured in a previous post.

I was very pleased with today's bargains and now the car boot season has started again,i cant wait to find more bargains,ill keep you posted :)

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny,Sunny Sunday and BPOTW

hi all, well it is gorgeous outside isn't it.
 I am defiantly a sun person and whats better on a Sunday than basking in the sun!
time to dig out those summer clothes.

my inbox at the moment is full of free delivery offers on lots of stores trying to tempt me in but i have refrained as i have done some fab swaps lately (to come in a later post).


i am a little late with my blog post of the week this week but i have decided to award it to  Debbie's Bargain hunt.
I  have been really enjoying her bargain and charity shop finds,a girl after me own heart!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Sally Hansen Diamond shine

I needed a decent base and top coat as i am sick of nail polish chipping after a day or so,i saw sally Hansen products advertised in Glamour magazine and thought i would give it a try.
I nipped into superdrug and they were priced around £6+,being a bargain hunter i decided to check eBay first and to my delight managed to buy the base/top coat and got a free cuticle refiner all for £3.75 inc p&p

I recently received the free Barry m cosmetics from fabulous magazine and i loved the pink varnish that i received with it,i gave myself a mini manicure and loved the result,felt soo glamorous with my pink shiny nails,all at a nice length,UNTIL i went to open the car door and split my index finger nail, OUCH!

do you use sally Hansen? what do you think of them?

Thursday, 7 April 2011

free Thorntons treat egg

Hers a great offer for a free Thornton's treat egg,just print out the coupon and hand in to your nearest Thornton's store

we all love a freebie and especially free chocolate yum!


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all the mummies

Happy mothers day to all the mummies wherever you are,whatever your doing.

I received these gifts for mothers day this morning...

Miss Selfridge barbie and ken top
Side View
Barrett's ballerina with cuff

lush tisty tosty bath bomb

handpicked daffodils tied up with ribbon
 and a little note

Miss Selfridge fur collar mac

lush space girl ballistic

To top it all off my daughters football team won the cup yay!

what did all you lovely mummies get & do for mothers day?
what did you do to show your mum how much you love her?

have a great rest of the day :)

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Miso crepe dress (i neeeed)

I saw this in the republic January sale and didn't buy it,wish i had now though,i love it,i neeed it

Miso Crepe Sleeve Dress - Black - Womens

does anybody have one or know where i can get one,pleeeaassssse!

thanks in advance :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog post of the week

I could have picked many posts this week and i was tempted to pick yet another fab fellow bigwardrober but this weeks blog post of the week has to go to a blog i discovered only yesterday Hippiebohoreloaded
I love the hair styles in this particular post,so sweet and summery.
She seems such a nice person too so be sure to check out her blog.