Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Miss Selfridge sale

nipped into Miss Selfridge today to have a quick look at the sale items and saw this...
Sorry. This product is no longer available.

It is £12 reduced from £25 in the sale,i would never pay £25 for it though but i love barbie stuff and this top is sooo cute.
I resisted buying but the kiddies are going to buy it me for mothers day,yay! :P

also couldn't resist the inviting smell of lush and bought this...
Happy Blooming math melt

you can get 3 baths out of this,smells of cherries,yum!
will review at a later date.


    Friday, 25 March 2011

    Blog Sale

    I have decided to have a blog sale to sell a few little items that i am not going to use,
    prices include p&p
    please leave a comment if you like anything
    I am open to swaps too especially lush items!
    payment by pay pal only please,
    thanks for looking :)

    New Boots magnolia shower gel 150g £3

    Neal's yard geranium and orange body butter
    a little tested 40g £3

    new Neal's yard orange and geranium soap
    package a little split but soap is fine

    oriflame foot bath with lavender,rosemary,tea tree and menthol 100ml

    body shop moisture cream 1/3rd used

    boots pulse point gel
    little used

    new eyelash curlers £1.50

    Blog post of the week

    This weeks blog post is going to Sprinkle of Glitter.
    I love reading her blog and she is about to have her 1st baby any day so really excited for her,
    good luck hunny :)

    Thursday, 24 March 2011

    Charity shop haul

    My local charity has been closed for a few days whilst it was repainted and reorganised.
    it opened again this morning so i nipped in for a browse and it looks great,the rails are all along the wall so there is a lot more floor space,everything is colour co-ordinated and shoes/handbags are all displayed really nicely.
    I honed in on the cream section as i have a thing for cream,floral and floaty at the moment and wasn't disappointed,i came away with the following...

    cream next knitted sweater £2.50
    i have seen these in shops so a great find :)

    red herring floaty beige top £2.50

    white red herring dress with beading £3.50
    really happy with all the purchases,all perfect items for summer.

    Wednesday, 23 March 2011

    Few new bits

    I popped into New Look yesterday and came away with these brogues for just £7...

    Ive had mixed comments from the family about them but i like them so that's all that matters,what do you think?

    do you like brogues? what do you wear with them?

    and.... i finally bought the river island purse that I've been lusting over for weeks,put myself out of my misery lol

    To come tomorrow, recent swaps post,
    till then :)

    Tuesday, 22 March 2011

    Elizabeth Arden freebie :(

    I received an email from Elizabeth Arden about their new products with an offer of a foundation and lipstick freebie at participating stores so, as i was going into town i decided to go makeup free and test their foundations as i have never used them before.

    I got to Debenhams and after waiting what seemed like forever for the lady in front to be served i asked about their foundation only to be told that the lady from the Elizabeth Arden counter was not in today,grrrr

    Anyways i decide to try at boots as its on my way, after much walking round and round an empty counter i decide to ask a lady on no7 counter if there is anyone working on Elizabeth Arden, only to be told that she was probably on her break.

    whats the chances eh,two counters and nobody on either to serve me.

    Its times like this i wish i was a secret shopper lol

    Not good Elizabeth Arden,not good :(

    Saturday, 19 March 2011

    Lush Space girl bath ballistic review

    I bought this bath ballistic last week mainly (as with most lush products) because i love the smell.
    really reminds me of parma violet sweets,i am also a sucker for the sweeter smelling lush products.

    I ran the bath and dropped it in,it fizzes away making your water a shade of violet and giving off the lovely sweet aroma.
    it also made my skin silky smooth and at £1.90 it is one of the cheaper products but well worth a try for yourself.
    don't let the glitter put you off it doesn't leave you covered in glitter!
    I'm in a dilemma with lush at the moment,i have tried lots of the products (some i love and some not so good) and i am now running out of new things to try but fear not Easter is just around the corner and i have heard that there are some new Easter editions coming out soon, hehe cant wait :)

    Blog post of the week

    This weeks blog post of the week goes to Hayley @ Pink diamonds and sparkles.
    I am really enjoying reading her blog at the moment and in this particular blog post she plays tribute to her lovely grandma.
    Having lost someone close too i think posts like this are a lovely way to keep the memories alive and let the world know how much you loved that special person. :)

    Sunday, 13 March 2011

    I need.....

    from river island....

    crochet sandals £39.99

    cream stud purse £16.99

    I have been in and admired the purse twice now,i think i am going to have to buy it but cant justify the £39.99 for the sandals im afraid.

    what do you think? :)

    Saturday, 12 March 2011

    Blog post of the week

    This weeks blog post goes to Hauls of an addict, i love haul posts and someone who is addicted to bargains as i am.
    She is also a fab swapper/seller on Bigwardobe,please check her out :)

    Saturdays freebies

    Went to my local lush store today which happens to be up the road (don't know if that is good or bad thing)
    It is the 4th birthday and to celebrate they were letting customers make their own 'Sex Bomb' bath bombs,having used this product already and loved it i nipped in with my daughter.
    It was great,really enjoyable and we got to keep them for free which was extra fab :)

    whilst i was there it was rude not to buy something so i bought a butterball bath ballistic and marshmallow bath melt

    also bought this mint julips lip scrub for my daughter,i already have the sugar lips one

    I popped into Debenhams and handed in a voucher (which can be found in this months Marie Claire magazine) for Bare Minerals foundation sample which came with a little brush.
    I was treated to an application of the bare minerals products which was sooo relaxing and looked great.
    not sure yet if i would buy or stick to the usual Estee Lauder double wear light.

    what do you prefer,mineral foundation or liquid foundation,please let me know your views :)

    Friday, 11 March 2011

    Marie Claires cowshed offer

    Whilst food shopping i came across the magazine section and was debating whether to buy another Glamour mag and therefore another Clinique freebie but although tempting i couldn't justify having 2 of the same magazines.
    Then Marie Claire caught my eye and it came with a free Cowshed body lotion.
    I opted for the Cowshed Wild cow invigorating body lotion with essential oils of lemongrass,ginger and rosemary.
    I love spicy smelling products and this smells fab.
    I will review at a later date for you.

    mag £3+ free lotion worth £10 bargain

    There are lots of cheekily named lotions to choose from and all for £3 you cant go wrong.

    Has anyone used any products from the Cowshed range? what did you think?

    Wednesday, 9 March 2011

    New jewellry

    I popped into New Look last week and came away with a few bits also another item from eBay and one item i swapped...

    Bangle set new look £2
    feather necklace new look £2
    strap bracelet 50p eBay
    kissing necklace i swapped on big wardrobe

    More tesco boots

    Nipped in to Tesco again the other day to look for new school blouse for my daughter as tesco is the only shop to sell the rever collars,unfortunately they didn't have her size but my eyes did light up when i saw the 50% off sale sign (i had forgot Tesco were having a sale)
    I came away with these..

    was £22 i paid £9

    they look fab with leggings,impulse buying at its best but i am sure i will get the wear out of them.
    did anyone else go to the Tesco sale? what do you think of the boots?

    Sunday, 6 March 2011

    Post of the week

    This weeks post of the week goes to Joelleabelle onn her post about getting herself into Shout magazine.
    The article is about her jewellry making website and at such a young age she has done really well.
    Her jewellry is sooo cute too, well worth a look.
    well done!


    Saturday, 5 March 2011

    Republic sale

    Republic have a great with at least 70% off sale items,there are loads to choose from like these beauty's..

    Miso Contrast Belt Rose Dress
    Miso now £10
    Miso Fur Bomber Jacket
    miso now £15
    Crafted Rugged Scarf
    Crafted now £5

    Jessicas Attic Beaded Dress
    Jessica's Attic now £20

    Well worth a look,have you bought anything from republic,personally i really like republic :)

    Thursday, 3 March 2011

    Lush big blue ballistic review

    I was telling my sister recently about my lush addiction and she gave me the lush 'big blue' ballistic which had been lurking in her bathroom unused for months.
    I used it the other night,i dropped it into the bath after i had ran it, the water turned a lovely ocean shade of blue,buti couldn't smell much aroma.
    The colour of the water was lovely and there were lots of little bits of seaweed floating around.
    very relaxing and pleasing to look at but i also love a nice smelling aroma and this is where this particular bath bomb failed in my opinion.
    It was nice to look at but i don't think i will buy this particular one again.

    However on my recent weekly jaunt to lush this week i decided to take a look at face masks as my skin is looking really dull and the skins tone is awful, whilst i was there couldn't make my mind up which face mask to try so the lovely people gave me great advice on the best ones for my skin and also 3 samples to try,there is enough in each sample to give 2/3 treatments so will last me ages,i will be reviewing these in a few weeks time.

    After smelling half the contents of the shop i came across the 'mange too' massage bar.... OMG   it smells Divine. white chocolate and honey mmmmm
    I asked for a sample of that too and there is enough for a couple of applications so will review that one too after i have finished my recent fave the therapy massage bar.
    so there i was in the bath with lush face mask on, big blue in water and for afters the mange too massage bar
    ahhhhh HEAVEN!

    I did in fact buy something though, the candy bubble bar that i reviewed last week :)

    Wednesday, 2 March 2011

    New shoes cure the blues

    I picked up this item at a car boot sale a few weeks back,i love it because its so me and very very true,I'm sure you will agree ;)