Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Lush the comforter bubble bar review

I bought the comforter last week from lush and although its £3.99 it is very large so i decided to only use half of it as i was sure that would be ample. I crumbled it under the running tap and instantly was hit with a blackcurrenty violet aroma which was delicious.
It lathered up really really well,so much so i think a full bar would be too much (i would disappear under the bubbles lol).It also turned the water a slight light purple shade.
The bubbles were still there after a 30/45min soak which in my book is great and they left your skin feeling pampered and soft to the touch.
I would definitely recommend the comforter to anyone :)


invisible_squirrel said...

oooh I may have to try and make one of those for myself!

Meowcake said...

This is my all time favourite Lush product. It's the only product I feel is worth the price since it's so huge. It's great for when you're ill, when you need energising or refreshing :)