Saturday, 2 April 2011

Miso crepe dress (i neeeed)

I saw this in the republic January sale and didn't buy it,wish i had now though,i love it,i neeed it

Miso Crepe Sleeve Dress - Black - Womens

does anybody have one or know where i can get one,pleeeaassssse!

thanks in advance :)


Debbie_DooDaa said...

Here's a similar Miso dress currently listed on eBay.. have to say it's not quite the same though!
Item number: 170619492180

ForeverSweet89 said...

Have u checked ebay? x

Meowcake said...

I love it but the knot is a bit awkward. How would you wear it?

mixnmatch1 said...

meowcake- i think i would wear with leggings,tights or tight trousers

foreversweet-ive seen one on ebay but too small for me

debbie-thanks for the info but i wanted the exact one in pic.

appreciate you help girls,

thanks :)