Sunday, 31 October 2010

hair dyed

Ive decided for a while to colour my hair a bit darker than my natural medium brown
I picked up this nice and easy hair dye in shade 77 medium ash brown

It is very easy to use and doesn't drip everywhere,after 15 minutes i rinsed my hair and it was 'BLACK'.
At first i was shocked but after a few compliments from family members i am quite liking my new hair colour
it is a lot shinier and washes out in 24 washes so not permanent either,meaning that it is not as harsh as permanent colours and comes out gradually which means no unsightly roots.
you can try different shades to suit to find the one you prefer.
 At less that £4 it is a lot cheaper than it would cost in a hairdressers

Thursday, 28 October 2010

River island sale

from today till Sunday river island are slashing 50% off their sale prices which means a massive 75% off original price,so naturally on my way past today i needed yes needed to take a look and i didn't come away disappointed
i bought a lovely cream rucksack style bag,satin lining and chain handles for £7.50

also later on went back in and got these tapered trousers for £5

I've looked online and you are much better off going in store as there is a lot more choice

you can bag bargains for as cheap as £2.50,so get down there,what are you waiting for?

leave me a comment and let me know if you got anything in the sale

Monday, 25 October 2010

Tesco Bargain haul

I nipped to tescos the other day with no intention whatsoever of buying any clothes or shoes when i walked past a bargain sale rail and this is what i bought ,lol :P

variety of clothes at either £1 or 50p

clogs for £4.50

nude patent sandals £2

this haul is definitely my biggest bargain so far recently
At full price these items would all come to £97 what did they cost me?...£10
i danced out of the shop lol :P

Saturday, 23 October 2010

New boots...again :P

I nipped into asda the other day and found these little beauty's in the George sale

originally £16 reduced to £8

dont know why but i am loving purple at the moment and they go perfectly with a new purple coat i have just swapped on big wardrobe,i asked a random person their opinion and they said they were great for winter and looked good with my new coat so that's it,i was sold

also clocked my eyes on this

comes in a variety of colours but the nude was by far the nicest and with the lace detail makes it look really pretty too

get yourself down to George half price sale there are some really nice items at rock bottom prices :)

have you bought anything from the George sale?

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Argghhh Ebay

After being on eBay for years i recently tried to list an item and was told that i would need to set up an automatic payment method otherwise it wouldn't let me list.
EBay..i don't want to set up an automatic payment method,i am used to and prefer to pay a one off payment every month
so basically if i want to list i must set up this payment method (just eBay covering their own back so they don't get ripped off from people owing sellers fees)
i am sick and tired of eBay taking extortionate listing fees & selling fees, making it almost impossible to make even a few £ profit
its all corporate greed,i for one will be boycotting selling on eBay now
shame on you eBay :(

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ahhhh silk..

Today i love my outfit,i bought an marks and Spencer silk blouse on Tuesday from a boot sale and i love it.
it is a size 20 so lovely and over sized for my size 10 frame and so soft,floaty and surprisingly warm,it cost me the equivalent of 25p and is one of my favourite bargains this week.

Ahhh i love the boots sales,not only because they're cheap (although that is a massive bonus) but because i am unlikely to be wearing what everyone else is.

On a different note,i seriously need to do a clear out though this week,it is getting ridiculous with shoes,shoes and more shoes all over the place and piles of clothes,going to have a good clear out and get some on big wardrobe

I presume a lot of us ladies are all the same or do you have an orderly wardrobe?

thinking of doing a giveaway soon,not because i want more followers but for the fun of it.
let me know what you think,i am thinking of giving a few makeup and accessory items :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


nipped into boots today to have a look at Estee Lauder foundations,i tried one a few weeks back and liked it.
the ales girl was really friendly and offered lots of advice before i decided to opt for the Double wear light stay in place makeup 03 intensity foundation.
gives great coverage without being too heavy and leaves your face radiant.
                                                                                £25+£5 voucher

If you spend £5 or over at boots at the moment you receive £5 off another product,so i chose a no7 foundation brush to apply my new foundation

£12 - £5 voucher = £7+£5 voucher

after i bought this i was given another no7 voucher so bought the no no7 new Exceptional definition mascara.
i usually stick to the no7 Extreme length but decided to give this a try as i would also get a free no& define and shimmer eye palette with it not to mention another £5 no7 voucher

mascara & free eye palette£12.99-£5 voucher =£7.99 + £5 voucher

so with my last voucher i picked a nail polish in one of my favourite shades iced mocha
£6.75-£5 voucher = £1.75

so altogether i save £15 and got a free eye palette

i saved a fortune and it was great fun.

i will be letting you know how i got on with all the products in later posts

thanks for reading :)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Devil film review

I recently used my 40% off Odeon voucher to go and watch 'Devil'
quite enjoyed the film actually it has you guessing and keeps you interested  but could be a Little predictable in places,it had a good little twist in the storyline too.
It was classed as horror but as a horror fan it didn't scare me at all really
I would give it an 8/10
Its worth going to see with the 40% off but hurry only a few days left on the offer,but if you would be paying full price i would wait for the DVD.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

matalan sale and new shoes again lol :P

I nipped into matalan yesterday,couldn't resist the up to half price sale,especially when i saw these in a magazine the other week
£9 reduced from £18 so it was a crime not to buy them :)

also in my sale haul was this which actually looks better than the picture

£6 reduced from £12

so take a look now at the matalan sale as there are some bargains to be had.
does anyone know of any other great sales at the moment?

Thursday, 7 October 2010

charm necklace

On my usual walk to my local weekly car boot sale jaunt i popped into dotty P's to try on a few sale shoes but they were not to my liking,as i was walking out i spotted a gorgeous necklace on the jewellery department reduced from £9.50 to £4.
once i got to the till the price came up at £3 so i was more than happy

i love it and what a bargain
what do you think?
have you found any bargains recently?