Sunday, 27 February 2011

Glamour magazines 10th Birthday!

Glamour Magazine are celebrating their 10th anniversary in this months issue and are also giving away mini Clinique products.
I as a subscriber was very excited about this and wondered what i would be getting in the post.
The mag came yesterday and although the postie nearly ripped the letterbox off trying to post it through i receive a little battered but still intact sample bottle of Clinique makeup remover with the April issue.

 i will use this and review later. I also received a flyer letting me know all the little products they are giving away which makes me want have them all especially would like to try the lip gloss and eye cream, damn it i want them all!
Looks like i will have to buy more issues :S

please let me know what  Clinique product you received with glamour :)

Home bargains haul

I nipped into Home Bargains the other day, for those of you who don't know what it is its a shop that sells stuff for a lot cheaper than you will find in supermarket etc.
My main reason for the visit was to purchase the girls aloud lashes that i posted about earlier but also to have a mooch around.
I wasn't disappointed, i picked up these...

lovely satin gem slippers with sparkly heart necklace also came with a shimmery bath gel

patent bow pumps
couldn't resist these

selection of girls aloud lashes
99p each

With bargains like this i couldn't resist especially the slipper,necklace and bath gel set,worth a visit if you have a store near you :)

Post of the week

This weeks post of the week has to be Meowcake she is one of my favourites, she gave me advice when i was thinking of starting a blog and is also a fellow big wardrobe member.
I love this post because i like haul posts anyway and i also like the items but most of all because she also does some really funny posts too.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Lush creamy candy bubble bar

Here is another lush review, this time for the creamy candy bubble bar.

I loved the smell of this particular bubble bar in the shop,it is soo sweet and scrummy.
 you only need half a bar if you live in a soft water area like me which is fab because it lasts longer.
you crumble it up into a running bath and the pressure of the water makes lots and lots of lovely soft bubbles,it also gives off the loveliest scent which lingers whilst you bathe.
The bubbles are soo soft and the butter in the bubble bar leaves your skin feeling super soft.

I finished off my bath time treat with the Lush coeur honeymooners massage bar.
this bar smells delish!
wiped over warm skin it gently melts into a really moisturising oil which you then rub in to your skin.
the cocoa in this bar reminds you of chocolate orange and really makes you want to eat  it.

I thoroughly recommend these two products especially if you love the sweet smells, enjoy!

eBay bargain boots

Remember a few posts back when i mentioned the stunning River Island boots

well, i was browsing eBay for something similar and found these

Sample Product
 for £16.98 with p&p included

I am really happy,they are almost identical yet a lot,lot cheaper.  yay! :P

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Girls Aloud lashes @ home bargains

Just a little post to let you all know that you can get the lovely Girls Aloud lashes from home bargains stores at the moment for 99p

Including these cute Kimberley lashes with teeny feathers on

there are other designs too,get yourself down there to stock up before they have gone :)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

River island lovlies

I nipped in to today and saw these...

Even more stunning in the flesh but even at £25 down from £59 i still showed restraint

I absolutely love these but cant justify the £50 price tag even if they are down from £79, sob sob :(

Monday, 21 February 2011

Nice and easy hair dye review

I needed to dye my hair again so after trying it before and loving the results i bought the nice and easy hair dye again.
Being a natural darkish brown colour, last time i opted for a dark brown which turned out black but i loved it so i didn't mind. I buy the semi permanent ones as they are supposed to wash out in 28 washes but last a lot longer.
This time i opted for the medium brown and couldn't wait to try it.
It is soooo easy to use.....

  • Apply the gloves
  • Mix the products together
  • Apply to hair
  • Leave for 15/20 Min's
  • Rinse off
  • Apply the conditioner

20 minutes later i ended up with a rich dark brown that thanks to the nourishing conditioner left my hair so shiny,soft and smelling great.

I would thoroughly recommend this product, at £4 from Tesco or 2 for £6 it is a bargain and much, much cheaper than visiting the hairdressers but looks just as good.
Please bear in mind though that the colours do tend to come out a little darker than expected and make sure you do a patch test first as instructed.

Well done Clairol you get the thumbs up every time in my book :)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lush its raining men shower gel review

I received the lush its raining men shower gel in a gift set and have tried it a few times,described as honey i washed the kids soap but as a shower gel.
It does small nice and sweet in a caramel/honey sort of way which i great for me because i love the sweet smelling lush products but it is also not too overpowering so doesn't small sickly.
A little goes a long way as it froths up really well and left my skin feeling soft.
It is a good shower gel which will last a while but it didn't give me anything extra that would make me buy it again. I have another brand toffee shower gel and to me it didn't seem very different to that I'm afraid.

Post of the week

This weeks post of the week has to go to Freckles and fudge, she always does amazing food  and baking posts that never fail in making me hungry and this post about chocolate chip cookies did the trick :)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

River Island 50% off sale

River Island (one of my favourite shops) have a great 50% off sale on at the moment,worth a look :)

was £14.99 now £7

panda hat was £14.99 now £5
beige hooded cape
was £36.99 now £15

faux fur gilet
was £49.99 now £25

red prom dress
was £59.99 now £15

Lush sugar babe scrub review

I know some of you may have seen a thousand lush reviews but i really enjoy doing them so here goes....

I used the sugar babe scrub today,to use you rub it lightly onto your skin,the water from the shower helps to break it up whilst you brush it all over your body,taking a little longer on areas you think needs exfoliating/massaging the most.
It broke up quite easily but not so easily that you couldn't cover your whole body.
I did find it a little abrasive but not overly so.
It smelt nice and i felt it did the job well.
I dont think you need to use a whole one and it would last longer if you wet it slightly then step out of the shower to rub on your body but hey i have another one on standby anyway!

I will use it again but i feel it is only needed say once a month :)

to come.... lush its raining men shower gel

Monday, 14 February 2011

Lush dreamtime bath melt review

I received this bath melt in a massive big wardrobe swap the other week, i left it to melt in the bath under the running water and it frothed up nicely,the sandalwood, jasmine, chamomile and ginger aroma was delicious.
once i got in the water felt sooo soft and creamy and there were little flowers floating around.

It really does take away the stresses of the day and the lavender lulls you making you ready for bed as soon as you step out of the tub.

I thoroughly recommend this product especially if you are feeling a little stressed to help you unwind and get a great nights sleep.

I will defiantly be using it again.

Valentines day

Happy valentines day me lovlies, hope you have a great day wherever you are,whatever your doing.

I received this...

Lush valentines be mine gift set,yipeeeeee!

what did you get this valentines day? please leave a comment :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

New tesco ankle boots

I was like a kid in a sweet shop in Tesco last night,sooo many sale shoes and boots,it was sensory overload.
tried these on and i loved them...

F&F heeled ankle boots

F&F heeled ankle boots
they felt really comfy on and not too high,they look stunning with leggings or skinny jeans they really elongate the leg.
they showed a price tag of £12.50 reduced from £18 not bad i thought until i got to the till and was told they were actually £9....RESULT

why not pay a visit to tesco theres loadsa bargains :)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Post of the week

As i said last week i am going to pick my favourite post of the week,
this weeks fave post is

Love is in the air - from mirror mirror on the wall's blog

The reason being that it shows some lovely valentines goodies you can buy from lush and i absolutely love lush so therefore really enjoyed reading this post :)

Friday, 11 February 2011


Firstly i would like to thank everyone that took part in my first giveaway. i picked the winner on on 11/02/11 at 12.35pm.

now to announce the winner..........


well done to you,i will be contacting you via email to get your details and send your lovely prize.

THANKYOU again to everyone that entered :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

1 day left till giveaway ends

hi everyone,just to let you know there is only one day left till giveaway ends (midnight tomorrow 10/02/11)
thanks to everyone who has entered so far,i am really excited to pick the winner and will do so using, good luck! :P

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Mini asda haul

I nipped into Asda yesterday and as usual had to have a quick scan over the George section and found these lil beauties...

stunning dark blue velvet draped bandeau dress
was £24 i paid £3

shimmery blue animal print top
was £12.50 i paid £2

lovely long sequin front top
was £12.50 i paid a mere £3
from the maternity range but I'm buying at that price lol :P

As I've said in a previous post,i am going to treat myself to 1 lush item per week to satisfy my lush addiction
soooo i popped in today and bought this....

sugar babe body scrub (smells sooo nice)

I will be reviewing all the products as i use them, next week i want the vanilla in the mist soap which smells of scrummy coffee and vanilla mmmmm delish!

Only 2 days left till the end of my giveaway,winner will be announced on Friday. good luck! :)

Saturday, 5 February 2011

To come,post of the week

Ive decided to introduce a fun weekly pick of my fave posts starting from next week.
It will be from the blogs that i follow.
It could be anything,an stunning outfit post,funny pic or just something that simply made me smile.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway (link in the side bar), only 5 days left,best of luck to you all :P

Boohoo clearance

Get yourselves over to the Boohoo website,they have bargains galore to be had.

Celeste Cable Knit Boots Boots from £5

Desrianna Oversize t-shirt dress Dresses from £8
Alexa PVC Jacket with Lace Arms Coats and jackets from£10

There are loads of items to choose from, enjoy! :)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

This weeks bargains

i picked up this tweed bag from primark today,the chain handle brings it up to date and i love the brooch embellishment

primark bag £1

 I am planning on doing some exercise in the near future so i picked up these new cropped khaki trousers for a mere 50p from the local boot sale.
they are great for the gym or summer whichever comes first :P

lastly i bought this ma bar from lush,i am a full on lushaholic at the moment and am absolutely loving their products at the moment.
i was like a child in a sweet shop in there and just couldn't make up my mind,I've decided to treat myself to one item per week until I've tried them all

lush ma bar,smells and looks good enough to eat,yum!

don't forget to enter my giveaway,only 1 week left.the link is in my sidebar,good luck :)