Friday, 6 May 2011

Yesterdays freebies

Yesterday i recieved my long awaited rimmel 25hr foundation which i won from the rimmel website. I was very glad as i am just on the last drops of my Estee Lauder foundation and wanted to try the rimmel before i decide if i should buy some more Estee.
Dont get me wrong i totally love my current one but at £6 for the rimmel compared to £25 for the Estee Lauder foundation,i would be saving a big amount and i have heard good things about the Rimmel.

I popped into the local newsagent and discovered loads of fab magazine freebies.
Junes InStyle magazine with a free nails inc polish and Marie Claire with a free body shop body butter,
 I bought the InStyle mag and opted for Electric Teal nail polish (3 shades to choose from).
also the Marie Claire and opted for the shea body butter.

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invisible_squirrel said...

I got a free body butter from Marie Claire last year. It must be a regular thing!