Monday, 30 May 2011

Lush Ultra Balm review

I was given a very generous sized sample of this product a little a while ago and have kept it in my bag because you never know.
It is similar  to Vaseline but more yellowy in colour and not as thick.
i generally slick a little of it on my lips throughout the day and it stays on for a while making my lips nice and soft and chap free, but recently i went swimming and forgot to bring my face moisturiser and my face was feeling very dry and tight then i remembered the ultra balm and applied some of it to my face.
A little goes a long way and my face was feeling fine in no time without any greasiness.
I have heard that it is also great for your hair to control fly aways and also for sore feet when your shoes are rubbing.
All in all it is a fab must have for your bag and was a lifesaver for me,i will be definitely be buying the full size it will last for ever,well done lush :)

Lush Ultrabalm £7.90


invisible_squirrel said...

I love multi-purpose items, great for your handbag!

P.S sometimes I love Peacocks and sometimes its rubbish and cheap looking!

ForeverSweet89 said...

I may have to try this :)