Thursday, 12 May 2011

Lush Oatifix face mask review

I was in Lush a little while ago and was enquiring about their face masks and asking for advice on which one would be better suited to my skin.

It was narrowed down to 3 face masks
Sacred truth
BB seaweed
These are fresh products that are best kept in the fridge to keep fresh/last longer,also very soothing and cooling when applied.

I was given a little of each in a sample pot which generously lasted 3/4 applications per pot

I tried all 3 but by far my fave was the Oatifix
It smells lovely and sweet and oaty,i applied to my face and left for 15minutes,it washes off easily and leaves your skin feeling soft.

I accidentally got a little bit on my lip and i must say it tastes quite nice too :P
I would like to add that if you are not used to using face masks or even if you are using one for the first time/new brand etc,that you may notice a 'break out' or little change in your skin at first, this can be the impurities working their way out of your skin and wont last long but worth a mention that it is worth persevering.

I am defiantly going to be buying the full sized version of Oatifix.



invisible_squirrel said...

I can make you one instead! if you look on my site, I have started making face masks and can create custom ones for different skin

invisible_squirrel said...

I can make you one easy peasy. exactly the same ingredients. I have just started making face-masks and scrubs. have a look on my website although I can make bespoke ones too!