Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Thanks to meowcake for tagging me :)
1. What do you order at Starbucks?

I much prefer cafe nero,where i would order a chai latte.


2. What's one thing in your closet you can't live without?

shoes, any shoes,i love them all :)


3. What's one thing that most people don't know about you?

Hmmm,thats a tough one, probably that i am over 9st,nobody believes me when i tell them what i weigh (not showing off or anything lol ;P)

4. Whats one thing you want to do before you die?

Travel and see some of the worlds most beautiful places


5. Whats one food you can't live without?

I have a sweet tooth so i would have to say cakes or sweets.



6. What's one quote that you live your life by?

If in doubt, do nowt

7. What do you like and dislike about the Youtube community?

I love that if you want to brush up on stuff the tutorials come in handy and give you more ideas and tips etc
i dislike the nastiness of some peoples comments



8. Whats your number 1 song on iTunes?

my all time favourite is 'drops of jupiter' by train


9. What kind of style would you describe yourself as having?

fashionable yet comfortable


10. Favourite Number?


11. Two hobbies?

swapping and shopping for clothes and accessories



12. Two pet peeves?

people with no common courtesy



13. Your guilty pleasure?

A new pair of shoes

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Helen, 19 said...

I love that Train song <3 It's been a favourite of mine for a while now. I also love 'Hey, Soul Sister' so good! xxx