Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Miss Selfridge Bargains

I nipped into Miss Selfridge the other day just to browse,i really didn't have any intention of buying anything.
I took a look at the jewellery sale and found a really lovely suede necklace with hazy coloured stones from £10 to £2 and there was an offer for buy1 get 1 free so i picked up a lovely tiered star necklace too,2 necklaces for £2 cant be bad.

I am really loving Miss Selfridge items at the moment,the neutral colours and floral patterns are right up my street.

have you bought any jewellery bargains lately? :)

1 comment:

invisible_squirrel said...

now that is a pretty good bargain! i never go in Miss Selfridge in Leeds as its up an escalator and the music is always too loud for me! haha