Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sunday bootsale bargains

I decided to brave 2 car boot sales this Sunday, so off i set bright and early and wasn't disappointed
here are a few of the items i bought...

Warehouse cardie £1

primark dress £2

thin jacket £1

cuffed jeans £2

shoes all new and all only £1 each
I also got a pair of leggings for £1,a pair of genuine gstar jeans for £1, primark boots £1 and some McKenzie trainers for £3 brand new.

I am still trying to not buy more stuff that i don't need but cant help buying shoes for £1,time to do my own car boot sale in the next few weeks i think :P

has anybody else found some car boot gems recently?

1 comment:

invisible_squirrel said...

I like the warehouse cardi and the primark dress...don't suppose they are squirrel sized are they? haha :)