Saturday, 12 March 2011

Saturdays freebies

Went to my local lush store today which happens to be up the road (don't know if that is good or bad thing)
It is the 4th birthday and to celebrate they were letting customers make their own 'Sex Bomb' bath bombs,having used this product already and loved it i nipped in with my daughter.
It was great,really enjoyable and we got to keep them for free which was extra fab :)

whilst i was there it was rude not to buy something so i bought a butterball bath ballistic and marshmallow bath melt

also bought this mint julips lip scrub for my daughter,i already have the sugar lips one

I popped into Debenhams and handed in a voucher (which can be found in this months Marie Claire magazine) for Bare Minerals foundation sample which came with a little brush.
I was treated to an application of the bare minerals products which was sooo relaxing and looked great.
not sure yet if i would buy or stick to the usual Estee Lauder double wear light.

what do you prefer,mineral foundation or liquid foundation,please let me know your views :)

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All Made Up said...

I'm soooo glad my local Lush store is a fairly long bus journey away, otherwise I'd probably spend half my day wandering round smelling all the goodies! :)

Spotted the little voucher in Marie Claire so I reckon I'll have to pick up a sample of the BM foundation cos it's s'posed to be totally fab. Personally I'm definitely a liquid foundation girl but thats mostly cos I've never come across a mineral powder that gives great coverage ♥