Saturday, 19 March 2011

Lush Space girl bath ballistic review

I bought this bath ballistic last week mainly (as with most lush products) because i love the smell.
really reminds me of parma violet sweets,i am also a sucker for the sweeter smelling lush products.

I ran the bath and dropped it in,it fizzes away making your water a shade of violet and giving off the lovely sweet aroma.
it also made my skin silky smooth and at £1.90 it is one of the cheaper products but well worth a try for yourself.
don't let the glitter put you off it doesn't leave you covered in glitter!
I'm in a dilemma with lush at the moment,i have tried lots of the products (some i love and some not so good) and i am now running out of new things to try but fear not Easter is just around the corner and i have heard that there are some new Easter editions coming out soon, hehe cant wait :)


Rachel said...

I haven't tried this before - it looks lovely! xx

invisible_squirrel said...

What other lush products do you like as I can replicate a lot of them?

Rachel said...

I love the ickle baby bot bath ballistic, and I really like the comforter bubble bar :) x