Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lush big blue ballistic review

I was telling my sister recently about my lush addiction and she gave me the lush 'big blue' ballistic which had been lurking in her bathroom unused for months.
I used it the other night,i dropped it into the bath after i had ran it, the water turned a lovely ocean shade of blue,buti couldn't smell much aroma.
The colour of the water was lovely and there were lots of little bits of seaweed floating around.
very relaxing and pleasing to look at but i also love a nice smelling aroma and this is where this particular bath bomb failed in my opinion.
It was nice to look at but i don't think i will buy this particular one again.

However on my recent weekly jaunt to lush this week i decided to take a look at face masks as my skin is looking really dull and the skins tone is awful, whilst i was there couldn't make my mind up which face mask to try so the lovely people gave me great advice on the best ones for my skin and also 3 samples to try,there is enough in each sample to give 2/3 treatments so will last me ages,i will be reviewing these in a few weeks time.

After smelling half the contents of the shop i came across the 'mange too' massage bar.... OMG   it smells Divine. white chocolate and honey mmmmm
I asked for a sample of that too and there is enough for a couple of applications so will review that one too after i have finished my recent fave the therapy massage bar.
so there i was in the bath with lush face mask on, big blue in water and for afters the mange too massage bar
ahhhhh HEAVEN!

I did in fact buy something though, the candy bubble bar that i reviewed last week :)

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ForeverSweet89 said...

Sounds like you have been pampering yourself!...we all need it sometimes! I did a review on rock star! :) x