Wednesday, 9 March 2011

More tesco boots

Nipped in to Tesco again the other day to look for new school blouse for my daughter as tesco is the only shop to sell the rever collars,unfortunately they didn't have her size but my eyes did light up when i saw the 50% off sale sign (i had forgot Tesco were having a sale)
I came away with these..

was £22 i paid £9

they look fab with leggings,impulse buying at its best but i am sure i will get the wear out of them.
did anyone else go to the Tesco sale? what do you think of the boots?


Meowcake said...

I love these! But in our Tesco, the only shoes on sale are pretty poo. Perhaps I'll take another look.

Meagan said...

Those boots are seriously gorgeous. Great find!

BeautybyPaula said...

These boots are gorgeous,i feel a trip to tescos coming on :)