Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Elizabeth Arden freebie :(

I received an email from Elizabeth Arden about their new products with an offer of a foundation and lipstick freebie at participating stores so, as i was going into town i decided to go makeup free and test their foundations as i have never used them before.

I got to Debenhams and after waiting what seemed like forever for the lady in front to be served i asked about their foundation only to be told that the lady from the Elizabeth Arden counter was not in today,grrrr

Anyways i decide to try at boots as its on my way, after much walking round and round an empty counter i decide to ask a lady on no7 counter if there is anyone working on Elizabeth Arden, only to be told that she was probably on her break.

whats the chances eh,two counters and nobody on either to serve me.

Its times like this i wish i was a secret shopper lol

Not good Elizabeth Arden,not good :(

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