Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Miss Selfridge sale

nipped into Miss Selfridge today to have a quick look at the sale items and saw this...
Sorry. This product is no longer available.

It is £12 reduced from £25 in the sale,i would never pay £25 for it though but i love barbie stuff and this top is sooo cute.
I resisted buying but the kiddies are going to buy it me for mothers day,yay! :P

also couldn't resist the inviting smell of lush and bought this...
Happy Blooming math melt

you can get 3 baths out of this,smells of cherries,yum!
will review at a later date.



    Meowcake said...

    I went and bought something from the Miss Selfridge sale today as well! A coat from £55 to £15!


    mixnmatch1 said...

    wow! thats a great price,ive seen a coat that i am going to get today,i will post about it tomorrow :)

    invisible_squirrel said...

    did you get the coat?

    mixnmatch1 said...

    hi,yes i did hehe,will be doing a post on it on sunday as its a gift for mothers day :)