Thursday, 17 February 2011

Lush sugar babe scrub review

I know some of you may have seen a thousand lush reviews but i really enjoy doing them so here goes....

I used the sugar babe scrub today,to use you rub it lightly onto your skin,the water from the shower helps to break it up whilst you brush it all over your body,taking a little longer on areas you think needs exfoliating/massaging the most.
It broke up quite easily but not so easily that you couldn't cover your whole body.
I did find it a little abrasive but not overly so.
It smelt nice and i felt it did the job well.
I dont think you need to use a whole one and it would last longer if you wet it slightly then step out of the shower to rub on your body but hey i have another one on standby anyway!

I will use it again but i feel it is only needed say once a month :)

to come.... lush its raining men shower gel

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