Friday, 25 February 2011

Lush creamy candy bubble bar

Here is another lush review, this time for the creamy candy bubble bar.

I loved the smell of this particular bubble bar in the shop,it is soo sweet and scrummy.
 you only need half a bar if you live in a soft water area like me which is fab because it lasts longer.
you crumble it up into a running bath and the pressure of the water makes lots and lots of lovely soft bubbles,it also gives off the loveliest scent which lingers whilst you bathe.
The bubbles are soo soft and the butter in the bubble bar leaves your skin feeling super soft.

I finished off my bath time treat with the Lush coeur honeymooners massage bar.
this bar smells delish!
wiped over warm skin it gently melts into a really moisturising oil which you then rub in to your skin.
the cocoa in this bar reminds you of chocolate orange and really makes you want to eat  it.

I thoroughly recommend these two products especially if you love the sweet smells, enjoy!

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All Made Up said...

Awesome review! I wanted to get the creamy candy bubble bar last time I was in Lush but the queue was about 2 miles long so I ended up just putting it back :( The massage bar sounds good enough to eat - my other half loves orange chocolate so I should pick this up for him ♥