Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lush its raining men shower gel review

I received the lush its raining men shower gel in a gift set and have tried it a few times,described as honey i washed the kids soap but as a shower gel.
It does small nice and sweet in a caramel/honey sort of way which i great for me because i love the sweet smelling lush products but it is also not too overpowering so doesn't small sickly.
A little goes a long way as it froths up really well and left my skin feeling soft.
It is a good shower gel which will last a while but it didn't give me anything extra that would make me buy it again. I have another brand toffee shower gel and to me it didn't seem very different to that I'm afraid.


ForeverSweet89 said...

I went into Lush yesterday and had a good wiff of smells really good :) x

oh so petite said...

Looks .. like i'll have to try it out. I've heard it smells really nice.