Sunday, 27 February 2011

Home bargains haul

I nipped into Home Bargains the other day, for those of you who don't know what it is its a shop that sells stuff for a lot cheaper than you will find in supermarket etc.
My main reason for the visit was to purchase the girls aloud lashes that i posted about earlier but also to have a mooch around.
I wasn't disappointed, i picked up these...

lovely satin gem slippers with sparkly heart necklace also came with a shimmery bath gel

patent bow pumps
couldn't resist these

selection of girls aloud lashes
99p each

With bargains like this i couldn't resist especially the slipper,necklace and bath gel set,worth a visit if you have a store near you :)


Meowcake said...

Argh! I keep forgetting to pick some up! Will try tomorrow!

All Made Up said...

Thats so weird! My best friend came home from work today and had picked up a totally awesome retro ice-cream scoop, which I love! He said he got it from some place called Home Bargains (new to our part of the world) so I'm gonna be having a nosy this weekend :)