Sunday, 2 January 2011

priceless?.. hmm not quite!!!

You may remember not too long ago i done a post on the priceless shoes sale,well just to let you know i finally received my order the other day after ordering on the 17th DEC.
i received all but one pair of the shoes i ordered,apparently they came in a separate order and were lost in transit!!!
Ive heard stories off a few people about priceless shoes saying that they didn't get their full order or they received emails stating that a particular pair didn't pass quality control.
i understand that they would've had a very high demand for their sale items especially when they were only £2/£3 per pair but was still slightly disappointed after waiting what seemed like forever for my order i didn't receive all the pairs i ordered but they did refund me straight away and they also refunded me the original p&p too.
they gave me 20% off my next order too but i doubt i will bother ordering again :(
i will put priceless shoes in the same do not order list as goddiva i think.

did anybody else order from the priceless shoes sale? were you happy with your order?


Meowcake said...

I complained to them and they actually admitted to me that they've had Paypal issues in which people were being overcharged (which I had been too) Do you think I should make a blog post about it too?

mixnmatch1 said...

hi natalie,yes you should do a blog post about it too,were you compensated? :)

Meowcake said...

They said they owe me £5.50 and then only sent me £2! Still waiting for a response!

Invisible_Squirrel said...

I was very dissapointed with my order. The items were clearly seconds as one pair in particular were in a shocking state. Two items didnt match in colour as they were supposed to. I took everythign back to the shop so all I lost was the 1.99 delivery charge. No more cheap shoes!!!!