Tuesday, 18 January 2011

End of sale items

On my trip into town today i couldn't help but check out a few shops to see if there was any decent items left in the sales.
firstly i went into superdrug out the me me me blush I've heard everyone talk about and quite liked the rouge shade,however i decided i should use my unopened ones before i purchase another but now wish i had bought it :S

Next was new look,i spent ages trying on shoes and couldn't make my mind up and when i finally decided i noticed they were 2 different sizes and the only pair left....DAMN!
they have loads of lovely shoes though starting from £5 so well worth a look if your passing but i left empty handed.

I also nipped in republic,they had 2 rails left with some gorgeous items for £5 but either teeny tiny sizes or too big for me so left there empty handed too.

well worth a trip to see whats left as people tend to think all the best stuff goes straight away but that's not necessarily true so whatya waiting for? :)

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