Monday, 17 January 2011

Loves and dislikes of the moment

Here are a few of the things i am loving at the moment

Lush cosmetics- i love the aromas and everything looks good enough to eat,cant get enough of these items at the moment.

Estee Lauder foundation,definitely the best one i have tried although a little expensive at £25 it is worth it.e

floaty, silky, girly tops,definitely a must for this spring and summer

clothes,shoes and accessories swapping,I've had loads of great swaps recently costing next to nothing

and now for the dislikes..

Pandora bracelets- i just don't feel the whole Pandora bracelet thing,I've seen much prettier bracelets too

ever rising fuel prices,surely cant keep going up even more

Louis vuitton- am i the only person who doesn't like the bags etc,i just don't particularly like them or do i have no taste :P

designers-not too fussed about who designed an item as long as i like it that's all that matters

what are your love and dislikes at the moment?

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