Thursday, 13 January 2011

Latest bargains

Here are a few bargains that i have acquired in the last week or so

new Evie clogs £1 from boot sale

topshop lace front jumper £0 swapped on big wardrobe

lots and lots of gorg lush products swapped on big wardrobe
sooo happy about this one

also swapped loads of perfume including Stella Mccartney,Stella Mccartney peony and a gorgeous lickable Jessica Simpson dessert treats perfume   yummy!

had some fantastic swaps lately :)

what bargain finds have you found lately?


oh so petite said...

I love the topshop jumper and everything else is so cute.

Check my shop blog:

Invisible_Squirrel said...

Love those clogs! What a bargain! When you dont want them anymore you can swap them with me! Don't think I could face a car boot in this cold weather!