Sunday, 13 May 2012

Boot Sale Toiletries Haul

 I visited a local car boot sale this morning,there was a lot of rubbish there but i did come across a great stall that sold handmade bath products and cute little gift sets.
They are made by Sissy-Bee and i could not resist buying a selection of their great looking bath bombs/creamers.

I certainly could not resist the delicious looking cake bath creamers is a lovely citrus scent.
They also sold cute little gift sets.
A cute little bag which contained a surprise  2 vanilla ice cream bath bombs with a little ribbon and ice cream attached,lovingly wrapped in tissue paper.
The other box set i bought contained 2 deliciously scented duck bath bombs and a Divine bath creamer.
They came in the box looking professionally wrapped in tissue paper with a lovely ribbon tied around the box.

I bought another of these for my sister as her birthday will be very soon.

I cant wait to try them,they look fantastic :)

I also happened to come across some brand new body shop items in one of my favourite body shop scents 'Sweet Lemon'

  They were a bargain at only 50p each :)


Aimee. said...

Hey hun were they minis that u got for 50p? I once got a bodyshop honey and oat face mask for 50p brand new was so impressed. Only real bodyshop baragin ive had from a carboot

How much was the other bath items - are they those ones called 'bomb cosmetics?'

Please do make more carboot hauls I love them x

mixnmatch1 said...

yes the body shop ones were the mini's.
I forgot to add that i picked up some full sized body shop too for a bargain £1 each,i got the chocomania shower gel,pink grapefruit shower gel and strawberry shower gel.(i will do another post on them)
The bombs say they were made by another company but they do look a lot like bomb cosmetic bath bombs.
I will keep these posts coming,im always at the car boot sale when they are inseason so lots more posts to come,enjoy! :)

mixnmatch1 said...

forgot to add the bath bombs were a massive bargain at £1 each so got whole lot for £3 :D