Thursday, 10 May 2012

Latest In Beauty CEW Box

I heard about the the Latest in beauty CEW beauty awards box and was intrigued. I knew that the last box was very popular and sold out quickly.
It contained some firm favourites of mine but also some products and names that i was eager to try.
All i needed to do was buy the Mail on Sunday newspaper and inside their magazine they would be printing a link where you could order your box.
That Sunday morning bright and early i nipped to my local shop only to be told that they had run out so frantically jumped in the car to the local supermarket where i managed to bag a copy.
Once home i went on the Internet only to see the link posted all over the Internet to said box.
All that panicking for nothing lol.
Needless to say i was straight on the site ordering the box.
A few days later it arrived.
I love it,definitely one of the best boxes that i have received so far,i will be reviewing the contents soon :)

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