Sunday, 10 July 2011

Rimmel your majesty review

I was in my local Morrison's a few days ago and came across a lovely silver coloured Rimmel polish called your majesty.
I applied it to my fingers and toes yesterday and i love it,looks fab.

Sorry about the blurry pic but you get the idea,i am going to add some OPI shatter over it later and will update with pics.

have you tried this particular polish? whats your fave polish of the moment,would love to know :)


All Made Up said...

I'm loving silver at the minute so this looks fab! Rimmel also do a really nice metallic silver eye shadow which I love so I really think it'd be a crime if I didn't get the polish to match it :)

Marina said...

I never tried any silver polish, can you believe that?? Have to change that!