Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Company :(

I have recently stopped subscribing to glamour magazine as the fees have risen and i realised i was not saving very much at all by having it delivered to my home.
I had coke zone points to spend so i went for a 6 month Company magazine subscription (very similar to Glamour in my opinion).
I received the first copy at the beginning of last month,minus the free gift, i enquired about the free gift and was told that they basically cant afford to help save you money and send the free gift too :(
I promptly replied stating that i would've thought the magazine subscribers would be priority but from my lack of reply i guess not.
I feel it very unfair that the subscriber does not get the free gift,Glamour always honoured the free gift.
These magazines regularly have an offer to buy the magazine for £1 meaning that you are not really saving anything at all.
I will not be extending the subscription when it has expired.
does anybody else feel the same?

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