Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rituals Yogi Flow review

I received a full 200ml can of Rituals yogi flow shower foam in Decembers glossy box sample box.

At first i tried to spray a little amount out to smell and feel and i came out so fast so you need to be careful when spraying.
It comes out in a clear gel like consistency but when water is added it builds up into a lovely soft foam.
A little amount will suffice as it makes quite a lot of foam,enough to use all over your body.
The scent was lovely and floral but not overpowering and felt silky soft on my skin.
It was a dream product to use,i have never used the rituals brand before but would definitely do so now.
you can buy the said shower foam from the Rituals website,i highly recommend it :)

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katrina-lou said...

I still need to try this! Thinking of saving it for holidays as its slightly lighter, being a foam, than normal shower gels!

Think it was a really good addition to the Glossybox though! xx