Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rimmel Black cherries nail polish

I saw this polish on the bank clerk the other day and i complemented her on her lovely nail polish.
she informed me that it was rimmel black cherries shade,it looked great so rich and shiny,so when i was in Morrison's the other day i treated myself and here is the result...

This look was achieved by base coat,2 coats of Rimmel black cherries and Sally Hansen diamond shine top coat.

the colour is actually shiny without the top coat but i advise a top coat to protect and keep the polish looking good for longer.

apologies for the blurry picture (i so need a decent camera) but you can see the shine regardless.

At only £2.99 this polish wont break the bank either,go on treat yourself.
What do you think? what is your favourite shade of polish at the moment?
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