Thursday, 22 September 2011

Awaiting Boudoir prive box with bated breath

I saw on another blog last month that i could get a Boudoir Prive box for half price at £5 so i decided it was worth a try.
I have had an emails saying it will be with me soon, a few days ago.
I also received another email today saying it should be with me today but the postman has been and still no box :(

I am really looking forward to receiving it and seeing what goodies are inside, they are going to have to be impressive for me to want to pay a monthly fee of £10 though.
I will do a full review the minute it arrives,until then thanks for reading! :)


Meowcake said...

How do you get it for half the price? And is it one of those where you have to subscribe to get it half price but then you also have to go to the effort of cancelling after you've tried the half price box?

mixnmatch1 said...

hi,yes its the first one half price and if i am not impressed i am going to cancel :)

Meowcake said...

Awh, just checked again. They're not doing the half price thing anymore :(