Wednesday, 26 December 2012

January Sale Goodies 

I braved the sales this morning i particularly wanted to visit Lush,I am not one for queueing for hours and no longer have the patience that i used too to physically fight my way the the rails,its not worth the stress,just the mere fact of a one person in m way starts to get my blood boiling.
I went to lush first but it didn't open till 11am so went for a quick browse in another favourite River Island.
I didn't need anything in particular but was on the lookout for a new coat and possibly a purse.
River Island was quite busy but not overly so and was quite calm considering the amount of people inside,i found a lovely purse that will go well with my new bag i received for Christmas and at only £8 it was a bargain.
Next i nipped to New Look where i picked up some nice jewel encrusted dolly shoes up for £9,i am a magpie for anything sparkly and these look lovely on.
I then had 15 minutes to make my way back to lush for the 11am opening only to notice that a small queue had now formed and joined it excitedly.
Once the doors opened that was it,about 30 queuers all scrambled towards the Christmas section at the back of the store for the half price goodies.
All Christmas gift sets,Christmas range and makeup was half price,it was a massive scrum,i literally had to just pick up the boxes that looked the best,if you stopped to check what was in them the rest would have gone,about 80% went in about 3 minutes.
If you bent down to the bottom shelf you couldn't get back up for people leaning over the top of you.I saw people just grab about 6 boxes and saw a basket full of snow fairy,i was happy just to grab one large snow fairy bottle which was the last one.
I am all for a bargain but some people get so rude and pushy its really rude,i want a bargain but not that much pffftttt!
I made my way to another queue for the till where i had no idea what my haul would come and it did come to more than what i was expecting but at half price it is worth it and this lot will last me now till next year!

needless to say lots of reviews to come :)

Did anyone else go to the sales? if so what did you get? 


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