Tuesday, 21 December 2010

swapping & bigwardrobe.com

                                                            Clothes Swapping

I have been swapping clothes,shoes,accessories etc for a few years now and it is fun as well as a little addictive.
for those of you that are not familiar. it is a great way to get rid of your items that you no longer wear or don't fit for something you will.
Not only is it a great way of recycling your wardrobe it is also a lot cheaper.
I am a member of loads of swap sites but my favourite has to be Bigwardrobe.com
It is well worth a look,you can become a member for free but will be limited in the amount of swaps you can do unless you pay the £12 annual fee,but is worth it for the amount of money you save.
should you wish to become a member please do so through this link


i will be adding some posts very soon on my latest bigwardrobe hauls,

any questions feel free to ask,

enjoy :)

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Vic said...

this seems like a wonderful idea:) thanks for sharing! merry christmas to you too sweetie:)