Sunday, 7 November 2010

Winter and my coat addiction

I go though phases of wanting certain items of clothing and at the moment i am going through a coat phase
mainly because of big wardrobe i can acquire lots of items to feed my addiction and have swapped loads of great coats at the moment but am contemplating a faux fur coat for Christmas,i especially like this one from
Fur Jacket
i think its stunning

seen this one too and i am not really a fan of the aviator look but this is fab

awww i want so bad,might ask for it for Xmas :)

do you have any faux fur coats? what do think of them?


Meowcake said...

Ah I agree! Not a fan of the aviator myself but that is gorgeous!

mixnmatch1 said...

i know its lovely,you can get it for £89 from littlewoods catalogue,im dropping hint for xmas already lol :P

Meagan said...

I have a coat addiction too. I always find beautiful ones when I'm thrifting for basically nothing and I can't help but add to my collection!

theclassyandfabulouswomen said...

Love the fur coat, i really want one.. of the things on my wishlist.

ike the top, very cute


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