Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Goddiva delivered :O

Anyone remember the catastrophe that was the Goddiva 3p sale?. i sat patiently for two whole hours (sad i know) patiently reloading the page time and time again but as time and patience was running out i got through to the checkout but paypal wouldn't let me put the payment through.
I was promptly on the phone and was told that i would still receive the item but for some reason paypal wouldn't let the payments of 3p go through.this is probably was because they couldn't make loads of money from it :)
anyways today my item came free of charge and by recorded delivery


pinky cream striped long top with cute brooch

not the colour i wanted but I'm glad i received this colour,its lovely
i was surprised at the quality too

Thank you goddiva for the freebie but i cant say that i will be rushing to buy of you just yet,
i am still suffering post traumatic stress,over the frustration of the 3p sale.

did anyone else actually receive anything from the sale?


Meowcake said...

It doesn't bother me whether they delivered or not to be honest, just the way they treated everyone was unprepared and unprofessional. Whenever I hear about them, it just makes me angry.

Gina said...

I tried to get a 3p dress and couldn't get one, was so angry with what happened, they dealt with the whole situation poorly. That dress is lush thou, congrats x

mixnmatch1 said...

i agree,it was apalling how unprepared they were,they have done themselves so much damage now,id be suprised they manage to get many future orders.
but was so suprised at actually recieving something from them.

Em said...

i like this shirt, love the stripes!