Monday, 16 July 2012

 Ice Age 4 - Continental Drift 3D

I took my children on Friday teatime to watch Ice Age 4.
I have always really enjoyed the Ice Age films and found them really funny.
It has the same lovable and hilarious characters with some new baddies,it became quite apparent very quickly that famous names where voicing the main characters as they were familiar.
The 3D aspect of the film was ok but nothing special,it had a good story line and some hilarious scenes,it was great to listen to all the children giggling in the cinema.
A thoroughly enjoyable film that has everybody laughing,young and old,my favourite character being the 'granny' she was hilarious.

highly recommend no matter what age you are :)



Meowcake said...

I love Ice Age! I really want to see this :)

mixnmatch1 said...

You should,its fab! :D