Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Body Shop Sale Items

I nipped to the Body Shop a few weeks ago,I know they had a sale and i refrained from buying online because i knew i would spend too much.
I love going instore and trying out all the different products and sometime acquiring samples of the ones i am unsure of.
I am so indecisive when i am trying to choose but eventually came away with this little lot.

I bought the spiced vanilla shower gel and the candied ginger body butter,i have tried these both before and love the spicy sweet scents.
I have been eyeing up the chocolate heart soap for a while,it smells delicious and just had to buy it.
All three items only cost £7 what a bargain!

Did anyone else buy from the body shop sale? what is your favourite body shop product?
I would love to know :)

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