Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Free Soap and Glory Mascara with this months Elle Magazine

I bought this months Elle magazine after seeing that they were giving away a generous full sized Soap and Glory Thick and Fast false lash effect mascara.
The magazine costs over £3 but is worth it when the mascara on its own is worth £10.

The mascara wand is a lot thicker than the Clinique one that i am using and there doesn't look like there is a lot of product on the brush but with a careful hand and a few strokes,my lashes look longer,thicker and i am amazed at the False lash effect.
The mascara takes a little longer than i am used to to apply but i am loving the results.
The mascara stays looking good all day and is easy enough to remove with makeup remover or wipes.
I recommend the mascara but the magazine was a let down.
I don't usually but Elle and was very disappointed at the massive amount of advertisements and not a lot to read.
Although i think Alexa looks great on the cover,but i wont be buying this magazine again,unless of course there is a product incentive he he!

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Aimee. said...

I seen this but didnt get it as the mag was around 4.00 I think so with boots offers they have sometimes I could have brought in boots when they have them offers anyway. But didnt see what it had different to offer than any other decent mascarra like loreal one million lashes, and some of the other faves of mine ? lol xxx