Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Boudoir Prive November box :(

I received Boudoir Prive November box a few days ago,this is my third box so far.
However i was disappointed with this months box,especially as i received an email a few days before apologising for the delay in sending the box out but they had a last minute product change and that we would not be disappointed with what they had in store,but my excitement was replaced by disappointment.
I know that the contents are 'sample' but i really did feel that this box contained really small sample sizes :(
I have received a large size Korres sample in a previous box and love the brand but the size of the Korres sample in this months box was absolutely tiny.

I did like the studio lipstick and i love how you press the bottom and it pops out.
I have now cancelled my subscription with Boudoir Prive and i am going to give the Carmine box a try,i will let you know what i think of it in a future post.
Do you subscribe to the beauty boxes? if so which one? what do you think of them?


Meowcake said...

I definitely think you made the right choice, I ended my subscription as well. I've heard nothing but good things about Carmine apart from it being difficult to get into the box but that's it!

Debbie_DooDaa said...

I have glossy box and carmine box subscriptions.. Glossybox has been quite disappointing recently, especially since some subscribers are getting really nice full sized products and I end up with sachets of bath salts and old lady perfumes!!
I've had 2 Carmine boxes and both have been brilliant. Mostly full sized products and more makeup than other stuff (which I like!). I had 3 full sized products in the Nov box, and 2 very large samples! :)

kirstyb said...

must sign myself up x