Monday, 25 October 2010

Tesco Bargain haul

I nipped to tescos the other day with no intention whatsoever of buying any clothes or shoes when i walked past a bargain sale rail and this is what i bought ,lol :P

variety of clothes at either £1 or 50p

clogs for £4.50

nude patent sandals £2

this haul is definitely my biggest bargain so far recently
At full price these items would all come to £97 what did they cost me?...£10
i danced out of the shop lol :P


Meagan said...

I love a good sale. I haven't found any recently but I'm glad to see someone else is drawn to the sale racks the way I am!

Jazza. said...

Great haul! those patterned leggings in the first photo look great!

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ForeverSweet89 said...

Wow! i think you really are a barginista! thats a massive bargin. It proves that if you know where to look then the bargins are out there to be found :) xCamillax